The  Disadvantages of Inkjet Canon Printer 

The Canon printer is the useful product of Canon. Canon makes many products but the Inkjet Canon printer is different than the other printers.

The Inkjet Canon Printer show good printing quality. This Inkjet Canon Printer prints the text page or photos rapidly compared with dot matrix printer or laser printer. 

The Inkjet Canon Printer place the image on paper by spraying tiny droplets of liquid ink which is against the paper. The ink lean is an aqueous mixture. This mixture makes of water, glycol and dye or pigments.  

The Inkjet Canon Printer’s ink will remove and change using with some other printers. In the other inkjet prints, there is only one cartridge for all ink. But The Inkjet Canon Printer uses the separate cartridge for the every color. These colors are yellow, black, magenta and typically Cyan. Mostly, the Inkjet Canon  Printer leans to have the resolution of 300 DPI.  The Inkjet Canon Printer is special than the others.  There are basically three types of printers that are mostly used in the office and home for work. Laser Printer, Dot Matrix Printer, and last one are Inkjet Printer.  Now I want to tell about the Inkjet Canon Printer and its disadvantages. 

The Disadvantages of Inkjet Canon Printer– There are following disadvantages of Inkjet Canon Printer which follow: 

  1. The users must wait until those dry after creating the images or documents. Sometimes it can delay their delivery process. There’s some risk if their documents smudge before drying.
  2. The replacement of cartridges causes some unexpected problems in the process of printing by the Inkjet Canon Printer. The most trouble the user commonly face is when the printer is clogged with ink. There are cleaning cycles in Inkjet Canon Printer to run but the user must replace the cartridges after used many times. Some companies offer refilling cartridges service then the users do not want to need new ones. The cost of refilling cartridge is down but it takes the lots of time during to transfer the cartridges.
  3. The users can use Inkjet Canon Printer to create little volumes of documents only because the Inkjet Canon Printer is slower than the Laser Canon Printer. The user can buy a cheap Inkjet Canon Printer first but with the replacement of the cartridges in a long time, the cartridge cost can exceed the machine cost.

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